Cedarstamps Auction 30
Auction 30
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Austria, folded without content, sent from WIEN on 6/7/1862 to Ancona via "DA DESENZANO A MILAN... 8/7/62" arrive 9/7/1862. Small octagonal seal indicating the 3rd Italian section. Franked at 26 k with pair of 3K, 5K and 15K. Unavoidable oxidations, signed Enzo Diena. UNCOMMON.read more
€ 200Unsold
Austria, unsealed folded with printed matter completed by handwritten prices, sent from TRIEST on 2/...0/1869 to Giovinazzo (4/10/69) via Foggia (3/10/69). Franked at 2 k with coarse printing stamp, signed Enzo Diena. UNCOMMON AND INTERESTING.read more
€ 100Unsold
Austria, office in the Levant, Greece folder letter sent from Salonich on 8/11/1970 to Genova, Italy... via Varna (Wien transit cancel on the back 19/11/70), TPO "UDINE-VERONA 21 NOV 70" and Genova 22/NOV 70. Franked for 25 Soldi by Austrian Levant stamps (one with light original folded). UNCOMMON.read more
€ 100Unsold
Austria, incoming from Office in the Levant. Folded letter from Salonique on 19/2/1874 to Marseille,...France. Franked for 35 Soldi by 5 and pair of 15 Soldi Austrian levant stamps coarse printing. These received a very light cancel by linear "SALONICH 19 FEVRIER" and were further cancelled by the TPO linear "CORMONS - TRIESTE N. 39" (Sassone cat. unrecorded on Levant stamps). Prestigious photo-certificate Alberto Diena for this RARE COVER. read more
€ 900Unsold
Austria, error 5 K stationery card with 2 K stamp coarse printing overlying, sent from Rumburg (now ...n Czech Republic) on 31/7/1874 to Lobositz arriving on 1/8/1874 (back cancel). Stamp detached and reattached with hinge, Signed Alberto Diena. SCARCE.read more
€ 100Unsold
Bahrain, incoming cover under-franked with India ½ anna Edward VII stamp, sent from MUSCAT on...20/February/1905 to BAHRAIN. In arrival on 28/February/1905 was taxed for 1 Anna by horseshoe seal "ONE ANNA" paying deficiency doubled postage. RARE.read more
€ 200€ 340
Bahrain, two covers. The first one, incoming on 24/2/1917 from unknown location in India due the cen...or paper seal applied. The second from Bahrain to Bombay on 26/5/1919. INTERESTING.read more
€ 80Unsold
Bahrain, incoming cover sent from Iraq by "BASE OFFICE D - I.E.F." (Basrah) on 15/4/1917, ...illing ½ Anna green Indian stamp, red "PASSED CENSOR D" applied. Arriving in BAHRAIN on 22/5/1917. SCARCE.read more
€ 120Unsold
Bahrain, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo advertising cover sent on 22/4/1926 to Muscat arriving on 26 of the s...me month. INTERESTING.read more
€ 50€ 50
Bahrain, airmail cover sent from Manama, Bahrain on 29/April/1967 to Gaza (3/May/67) via Cairo (1/Ma.../67) franked at 20fl for Arab Countries rate. Example of an envelope with an incorrect address or addressed to an unreachable person and stored at the Gaza post office waiting of further destinatary research before being sent back to the sender. Just over a month, the war events found it again at the post office when Colonel J. Shany, of the occupying troops, took it over by affixed seal, signature, his grade, the town and the date (6/6/67) to be filed it awaiting delivery. The envelope was apparently never opened and still contains the original letter. GREAT WITNESS OF SIX DAY WAR FROM BAHRAIN.read more
€ 100€ 100
Bahrain. West Bank UNDERCOVER incoming mail from London. Example of an envelope originally contained...in another envelope along with two international postal coupons, sent from "Abdallah in Bahrain on 24/7/1971" to the Genaral Post Office in London. The undercover was franked with British 5p stamp, cancelled by special postmark and sent to Nablus, West Bank, where he received on the back the trilingual cancellation affixed on 9/May/1971. SCARCE BAHRAIN UNDERCOVER.read more
€ 100Unsold
Bulgaria, 10 kr green Danube stamp on cover from Sistov 6/11/1869 to Orsova (Michel n 3 I). Handwrit...en "Aus Sistov D.D.S.G. 5/11" on front side, stamp cancelled by dumb cancel on 6/11. Complete letter in Bulgarian inside. SCARCE HANDWRITTEN NOTEread more
€ 250Unsold
Cilicia, censured cover sent from Adana on 4/7/1919 to Constantinople, Turkey. Franked for 60 paras ...y 20p x3 (Y&T n 67). Two arrive postamarks and circular censorship seal "CONTROLE POSTAL CILICIA" on the back. UNCOMMON.read more
€ 80Unsold
Cilicia, Postal Money Order Form card sent from Adana on 25/7/1919 to Galata used to send 600 Piastr...s. Franked by 26 Piasters, among other things with the scarce 25 Piastres red stamp (Y&T n 69 pair and 75). SCARCE.read more
€ 50Unsold
Cilicia, censured cover sent from Tarsus on 5/1/1920 to Switzerland. Franked back side for 3½...Piasters by 20paras x5 and 1P (Y&T n 69 and 70). Linear censorship seal "TERRITOIRES ENNEMIE OCCUPES ZONE NORD - CILICIE - TARSUS - CENSURE". SCARCE.read more
€ 180Unsold
Cilicia, Ottoman Postal Transfer form, issued in Kozan (formerly Sis) on 16/3/1920 used to send 1&ap...s;000 Piastres to Tarsus showing the scarce "KOZAN" postmark. Maybe the last postal witness sent from this locality before the siege carried by Kamalist a few days before. B. Longo photoexpertise. RARE AND DESIRABLE FOR BIG COLLECTOR. read more
€ 250€ 250
Cilicia, cover sent from Mersine on 13/9/1920 (error in the dater at 31) to Adana. Franked for 70 pa...as by 10p, 20p and 1P (Y&T n 90, 91 and 92). Arrived on 18/9/1920. SCARCE DOMESTIC RATE.read more
€ 100Unsold
Cilicie, cover sent from Adana “Adana 1” on 17/9/1920 to France. Correctly franked for 3...frac12; Piasters by 20p and 1P unissued stamps and also with 2P (Y&T n 100, 101 and 93). Red wax seal on the back. Despite as asserted by the major catalogs, a few specimens of these "unissued"  stamps overprinted “SAND. EST “ by Gedeon in Beirut, escaped to the block of the authorities and were illegally used, as in this very rare case. GREAT RARITY.read more
€ 900Unsold
Cilicia, Ottoman receipt of telegram form of 10 para, issued for a telegram from Tarsous on 27/11/19...0 to Beirut. Uncommon and scarce Ottoman telegraph form without any overprint used in Cilicia. RARE.read more
€ 100€ 100
Cilicie, cover sent from Adana on 14/5/1921 to France. Franked for 5P (by Y&T n 94), on the back nic... seal of Adana Chamber of Commerce and Industry. SCARCE.read more
€ 50Unsold
Cilicia, cover sent from Adana on 25/5/1921 to Smyrne via Mersina e T.E.P. 528 (some postmarks on ba...k). Franked for 5P (by Y&T n 94). SCARCE.read more
€ 50Unsold
Cilicia and Armenian interest, wrapper of a magazine printed in Persia and sent to Armenian General ...enevolent Union in NY, USA, from Teheran on 26/2/1944 with Anglo-Soviet censorship seal. Franked 40d by 10d on block of four. INTERESTING.read more
€ 20Unsold
Cilicia and Armenian interest, wrapper of a magazine printed in Persia and sent to NY, USA, from Teh...ran on 11/9/1944 with Anglo-Soviet censorship seal. Franked 40d by 10d on block of four. INTERESTING.read more
€ 20Unsold
Cilicia, original photo with handwritten front side in Armenian translated like "Garo with the ...rmenian battalion uniform of the French troops for Cilicia - Beirut 13/10/1919". 12½ X 17½ cm. RARE.read more
€ 90Unsold
Egypt, incoming folded letter with content sent from Liverpool on 6/12/1845 to Alexandria via Marsei...le by British packet as can be seen from the rate paid by 1/8 Shilling. Arriving attested by Datestamp recorded by Smith as D1I. VERY NICE.read more
€ 75Unsold

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