Cedarstamps Auction 29
Auction 29
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226 Qatar
Qatar. MNH 1977 Shaikh Khalifa complete set on block of four (SG n 624/630). All with sheet’s marg...n. NICE AND SCARCE.read more
€ 70€ 70
227 Qatar
Qatar. Photo Post Card of "River Jordan at Epiphany" with handwritten in the text "ta...en during my transit in Palestine - Doha P.G. 3-6-19" addressed to Nottingam by hand and where the 1 penny red stamp was killed by mechanical postmark on 18 JUN 19. From Nottingham was resend to Reading. SCARCEread more
€ 200€ 200
228 Qatar
Qatar. Undated post card showing typical dance scene with handwritten note in Arabic translatable as..."Welcome dance in honor of the Egyptian representative in Doha". CERTAINLY INTERESTING.read more
€ 50€ 50
229 Qatar
Qatar. Air mail cover sent from Doha#5 on 11/5/1965 to Germany, franked with 50np Olympic stamp (SG ... 38). SCARCE. read more
€ 50€ 50
230 Qatar
Qatar. Unsaled cover for Printed Matter sent by air mail from Doha#3 on 7/10/1965 to Germany, franke... with 20dh Sheik Ahmad stamps (SG n 29). NICE AND SCARCE. read more
€ 50€ 50
231 Qatar
Qatar. Registered air mail cover of Ottoman Bank attested by transparent seal on back, sent from Doh... on 2/9/1968 to Switzerland, franked for 1,20R with Sheik Ahmad 20np and 1R Pan-Arab Games commemorative stamp (SG n 29 and 91). SCARCE. read more
€ 30€ 50
232 Qatar
Qatar. Registered air mail cover of Ottoman Bank attested by transparent seal on back, sent from Doh... on 5/1/1969 to Switzerland, franked for 1,20R with strip of three 40np red stamps (SG n 31x3). NICE. read more
€ 40€ 45
233 Qatar
Qatar. Unsaled cover for Printed Matter sent by air mail from Doha on 23/12/1969 to Switzerland, fra...ked for 30np by 10dh and 20dh Sheik Ahmad stamps (SG n 241 and 242). NICE AND SCARCE. read more
€ 40€ 40
234 Qatar
Qatar. Incoming Registered air mail cover sent from Damman, Saudi Arabia meter stamp used for 2,50R ...n "17 Cha`bân 1407" corrisponding to 17/4/1987. On arrival in Doha pink label and "DOHA 8" datestamp was affixed on 19/4/1987. INTERESTING. read more
€ 20€ 20
235 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia. Unused post card of "Damacus the Sacre Mahmal in the Museum". NICE. ...read more
€ 20Unsold
236 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia. Cover drawn and watercolored with a panorama of Jeddah sent from the same City on 20/2...1931 to Cairo, Egypt, franked by 1¾P blue (SG n 302). VERY NICE AND RARE.read more
€ 200Unsold
237 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia. 1930 Greeting folder of H.M.S. Lupin, Persian Gulf, with photo of the ship during cann...n shot and wishes for Christmas and Happy New Year 1931 signed "Purefoy" (Navy officer George Purefoy Codrington). The same year, on the same ship, they met to sign the peace Faisal of Iraq and Abd al-Aziz of Arabia. RARE.read more
€ 50Unsold
238 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia. Air mail cover sent from Al Khobar to France. Franked for 7⅛g with 3g blue & 4g...orange air stamps and ⅛g red aid stamp, all bad cancelled by Khobar postmark (SG n 358, 359 and aid 350). In Strasbourg on 13/8/1956 (back cancel) the cover was resent to Colmar where a black linear postal seal "COLMAR R.P." (Colmar Recette Principale) was used to cancel the stamps. VERY NICE.read more
€ 30Unsold
239 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia. Air mail cover sent from Al Khobar on 21/10/1967 to Kuwait franked for 4p (SG n 663) w...th arrive cancel on 28/10/1967. Affixed light instruction seal in black "al barid al jawwe abra zahran-bahrain" translating in "By Air Mail via Daharan-Bahrain" which refers to the air route operated by the Gulf Aviation airline. SCARCE INSTRUCTION SEAL. read more
€ 50Unsold
240 Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia. 1956 Complete Lebanese Pass. with 5 Lebanese Consular stamps and 63 Saudi Arabia reven...e stamps of various origin and types. Noted a pair of 55 guerche passport revenue stamps of which only three specimens are recorded, one mint attached on a presentation sheet of revenues and postage stamps, prepared by the Saudi Ministry of Finance, and these two used on a complete document. VERY RARE. read more
€ 1,200€ 1,300
241 Syria
Syria. Stationery card of 20para sent from "BABTOMA (DAMAS)" on 23-7-1911 to Beirut. SCARC... QUALITY.read more
€ 150Unsold
242 Syria
Syria. Censored receipt of telegram made on a provisional form, originated from Damascus, franked fo... 1 Piastre by pair of 20para blue stamp cancelled with the rare Circular postmark "ŞAM (TELGRAF) 2 ١۰/۹/١٣٣٤" (corresponding to 10/9/1918). On the written side was affixed the censor seal "Şam Markazi Çenzur Hayati". B. Longo photoexpertise. RARE, ONLY SOME EXAMPLES RECORDED ON DOCUMENT.read more
€ 250Unsold
243 Syria
Syria. Censored cover sent from Aleppo to Cairo franked 1 Piastre by 1P deep indigo E.E.F. stamp can...elled with "HALEP 3" on 26/12/1918. Back affixed a very clear censor seal in Arabic "Aleppo military censorship 1337" together some with transit postmarks. SCARCE EARLY DATE.read more
€ 100€ 140
244 Syria
Syria. MNH, complete set of French Levant stamps in block of four overprinted "T.E.O." and...values. Noted the 2 Piastres with comma after "T" in position 47 (Maury n 11/20). A. Roumet Photoexpertise for the 20 Piastres. VERY NICE AND RARE BLOCK OF FOUR IN MNH STATUS.read more
€ 1,800Unsold
245 Syria
Syria. MNH, complete sheet of 3ct of French stamp overprinted "O.M.F. Syrie 75 CENTIEMES"....Noted all features described by Kaczmarczyk in his book including the inverted "S" correction in position 144 much rarer than the error "S" inverted, in addition, due to an accordion fold during the overprinting phase, some stamps have badly overprinted currency values as in positions 1, 2 and 3 (Maury n 36). B. Longo signature. VERY NICE AND RARE SHEET IN MNH STATUS.read more
€ 400€ 440
246 Syria
Syria. O.E.T.A. Zone (Est) telegram form, with a message issued in Hama, directed and transcribed in...the Umranye Telegraph Post Office (located in Syria near Hama, now named Massyaf) on 8 December 1920. It shows the Ottoman bilingual postmark in violet "OUMRANYE 8/12/20" type II postmark with bars in the crescents. B. Longo photoexpertise. RARE CANCEL USED ON SCARCE DOCUMENT FORM.read more
€ 250€ 270
247 Syria
Syria. Cover sent Aleppo to Wien, Austria, franked 1 Piastre by 1P/5ct further overprint by BLACK RO...ETTE. Stamp cancelled with "HALEB 5" on 17/12/1920. SCARCE.read more
€ 40€ 30
248 Syria
Syria. Cover sent from Damascus to Marseille, France, franked for 3 Piastres by OMF 1P/3mls Syrian K...ngdom yellow stamp. Cancelled with "DAMASCUS 1" on 6/8/1921. SCARCE MOURNING COVER.read more
€ 80Unsold
249 Syria
Syria. MNH, Turkish stamp surcharged 10p/20p pink, with further black overprint "O.M.F. Syrie 1...Piastre" INVERTED, issued in Aintab in the Summer 1921 (Yvert cat n. 5 unrecorded error but well described by A. Kaczmarczyk in his book). B. Longo photoexpertise. VERY RARE AND WONDERFUL QUALITY.read more
€ 500€ 600
250 Syria
Syria. MNH, block of ten 15ct French green stamp overprinted SYRIE &5ct, with "millesime" .... (Maury n 113). VERY NICE.read more
€ 20€ 90

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