Cedarstamps Auction 28
Auction 28
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Morocco, French occupation. Written Post Card “Le Maroc - CASABLANCA - La Revue - Le Public sur les Dunes et les Troupes” Ed Maillet, Casablanca, with 2m cherifian stamp (Yvert n 10) cancelled with arabic postmark “Casablanca” dated 12/11/1331 (13 October 1913). Also applied the rare violet Aviation seal “AVIATION MILITAIRE - SECTION DU MAROC OCCIDENTAL” not rec...orded by P. Saulgrain catalog. RARE SEAL OF AIR SHOW IN MOROCCO.read more
€ 400Unsold
Morocco, French occupation. Two covers sent from Rabat on 13/61924 and Taza-Villenouvelle on 23/2/1925 to Damascus, Syria with arrive postmarks. SCARCE DESTINATION.
€ 30Unsold
Morocco. Passport issued by the Sceriffian Empire from the Office of Marrakech on 26/5/1931 to make a trip to Italy, renewed on 20/7/1932 with a 5 Francs consular stamp. NICE.
€ 50Unsold
Morocco, French occupation. Cover sent from Tanger on 20/8/1938 to Casablanca by Train Post Office "TANGER A FEZ" flower type postmark. SCARCE.
€ 25Unsold
Morocco, French occupation. Full underfranked cover sent from Rabat on 14/11/1939 to Casablanca where was applied the tax stamps for duoble deficiency for a sum of 1,80 Fr. Ex Peter Smith collection. SCARCE.
€ 50Unsold
106 OMAN
Oman. Air Mail Cover sent from Muscat on 3 September 1946 to France, franked with complete "Al Busaid" postage stamps issue, including error in the 2Rs "missing pearl in the down left corner". NICE AND SCARCE VARIETY ON COVER.
€ 800Unsold
107 OMAN
Oman related, Zanzibar, commercial Registered air mail cover sent on 15/1/1947 to Switzerland, franked by single 1Sh stamp and Sultan Khalifa bin Harub stamps overprinted "Victory" 10ct x4 and 30ct pair. NICE.
€ 30Unsold
108 OMAN
Oman, Registered airmail cover to Holland with a complete set of the camel stamps overprinted bilingual "GREEN MOUNTAIN PRINCIPALITY OF OMAN" tied by blue "TANOUF GREEN MOUNTAIN 1/9/69" cancel and back-stamped "AMMAN 19 REGISTERED 3.NOV.1969" and "SCHEVENINGEN 7/XI/1969". SCARCE EMBLEMATIC ENVELOPE OF THE NEGLECT PERIOD OF OMAN'S HISTORY.
€ 100Unsold
109 OMAN
Oman related, Omani Mission in Lebanon, commercial air mail cover sent on 23/1/1971 to Spain. NICE AND SCARCE.
€ 30Unsold
110 OMAN
Oman, Registered airmail cover to Holland with a complete set of De Gaulle stamps, tied by black "OMANI POST 28/2/71" cancel and back-stamped "BEYROUTH 27/5/71". Cover folded on the middle that don't affect the stamp. ONE OTHER SCARCE EMBLEMATIC ENVELOPE OF THE NEGLECT PERIOD OF OMAN'S HISTORY.
€ 80Unsold
111 OMAN
Oman, Registered airmail cover with a complete set of the first definitives stamps for Dhufar (the 25 besa on the back cover), issued on 15/4/1972, tied by blue "Dhufar Post 15/4/72" cancel and back-stamped "DAMAS 2 RECOMMANDE 9.6.72". Only this stamps exist used on cover and mailed via Damascus. This was the last date on which covers with any Oman Imamate state stamps were acc...epted by the Syrian Postal Authorities. RARE.read more
€ 300Unsold
Palestine related Armenian, 1961 Certificate of studies issued by the Seminary of the Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem. On the opposite, posted eight revenue stamps of Jordan, four of which were canceled with the bilingual seal of the Patriarchate and four with oval seal in Arabic of the Jiordan civil administration of Jerusalem. SCARCE AND NICE DOCUMENT.
€ 50€ 50
Palestine, two complete sheet of P.A.O. cindarella 5 and 10 fils in green-blue and light blue. SCARCE.
€ 250Unsold
Palestine, complete sheet of 5 fils P.A.O. cindarella in green-blue with only partial horizontal perforation. SCARCE.
€ 175Unsold
Qatar, incoming Acknowledge Receipt card from Beirut, Lebanon sent on 29/5/1956 to UMM SAID (PO opened on 1 February 1956) where he arrived on 4/JUNE/56 and after being signed by the recipient, he returned to Beirut. IMPORTANT CARD SENT IN THE FIRST MONTHS OF POST OFFICE OPENING, MOST PROBABLY THE FIRST INCOMING MAIL RECORDED ADDRESSED TO UMM SAID AFTER OPENING HIS POST OFFICE.
€ 1,000Unsold
Saudi Arabia, 1905 Mint without gum, Hedjaz railroad revenue stamp 1 P brown and green with top centre shows Ottoman coat-of-arms and tughra of Sultan Abdul Hamid. Jakob Von Uexkull cat n 2a. Signed B. Longo. UNCOMMON.
€ 80Unsold
Saudi Arabia, 1905/1909 two used Hedjaz railroad revenue stamps, the first 1 P brown and green with top centre shows Ottoman coat-of-arms and tughra of Sultan Abdul Hamid the second 1 P grey with Sultan Reschad tughra. Jakob Von Uexkull cat n 2a and 3b. UNCOMMON.
€ 20Unsold
Saudi Arabia, 1911 MNH Hedjaz railroad revenue stamp, 1 Piastre red with violet "Muayeneli" (Examined) handstamp. Jakob Von Uexkull cat n 4c. Signed B. Longo. RARE.
€ 200Unsold
Saudi Arabia, 1911 MNH Hedjaz railroad revenue stamp, 1 Piastre brown with yellow background. Jakob Von Uexkull cat n 7a. Signed B. Longo. SCARCE.
€ 150Unsold
Saudi Arabia, 1914 MNH and MH two Hedjaz railroad revenue stamps, 1 Piastre green and carmine. Jakob Von Uexkull cat n 8. One signed B. Longo. UNCOMMON.
€ 50Unsold
Saudi Arabia, 1911 document legalized by 2 P revenue stamp and 1 Piastre Hedjaz railroad revenue stamp. Some negative seals. NICE.
€ 20€ 20
Saudi Arabia, first 1900s, 10 classic post cards in two group of 5 each with different subjects or panoramas in a black cardboard folder with crystal card protective cover. ELUSIVE IN THE MARKET.
€ 200Unsold
Saudi Arabia, air mail cover sent from “DHAHRAM AIRPORT OUT” on 12/2/1967 to Lebanon franked for 4 Piastres at U.P.A. rate (Arab Postal Union). SCARCE CANCEL USED.
€ 20Unsold
Saudi Arabia, incoming under-franked air mail cover from Switzerland sent to Jambu via Jedda (5/7/1398 or 10/6/1978). Swiss fractional “T” seal applied to define the amount of taxation to be applied on arrival. It was calculated in 6 Piastres, paid through two tax due stamps of 2 and 4 Piastres (SG n D450 and D451) applied on the back. Both were canceled with red pen strokes and the 4 ...Piastre stamp also partially with the arrival cancellation of Jambu affixed on 5/7/1398 (14/6/1978). Ex Peter Smith collection. EXTREMELY RARE UNDER-FRANKED ENVELOPE TAXED IN SAUDI ARABIA ENRICHED BY LATE USE OF THE TAX DUE STAMPS.read more
€ 1,000Unsold
Saudi Arabia, 1968/1976 Lebanese complete passp. containing among other things six Saudi Arabia Visa stamps including the rare 63 R blue (Toden cat. n RP47 type P9a). Inclouding also six Lebanese Consular revenue stamps, one Syrian Consular revenue stamp, six French Foreign Affairs revenue stamps and twenty Greek revenue stamps for entry Visas. RARE SAUDI STAMP FOR VISA USED.
€ 100Unsold

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