Cedarstamps Auction 28
Auction 28
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231 UAE
UAE Sharjah, incoming air mail window cover with part of the original document inside, sent from Beirut on 1/8/1963 to the Eastern Bank Ltd in Sharjah. In arrive the cover was opened by the employee of the Bank but realizing that had received an unexpected document by mistake, he put it back in the envelope and closed it with a strip of adhesive tape, applying on front cover the violet seal "...EASTERN BANK LTD SHARJAH" repeated three times on the back. The cover was returned to the post office of Sharjah, which before to resend this in Beirut, applied his postmark on 5/8/1963 and the perforated bilingual paper seal "Return to sender T.S.". VERY RARE JUSTIFICATION LABEL USE AND DEFINITELY ONE OF THE FIRST INCOMING MAIL ADDRESSED TO SHARJAH AFTER OPENING HIS POST OFFICE.read more
€ 400€ 540
232 UAE
UAE Dubai, Registered air mail cover sent from Sharjah on 4/12/1966 to Tripoli, Lebanon via Safat, Kuwait. Mixed franked with Piastres values (4P and 10P) and 1 Riyal. SCARCE MIXED STAMPS USED ON COMMERCIAL COVER.
€ 200€ 280
233 UAE
UAE Abu Dhabi, greating air mail cover sent from Abu Dhabi on 15/12/1976 to Chtaura, Lebanon. Franked with 50/75 fils overprint stamp. SCARCE COMMERCIAL COVER.
€ 30Unsold