Cedarstamps Auction 25
Auction 25
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Bahrain, cover franked with India ½ anna Victoria stamp, sent from BAHRAIN on 10/February/190... to Bombay. Given the impossibility delivering to recipient, it was returned to the sender writing by red ink. Several postmarks on the back of the envelope, including the final arrival in Bahrain on 5/March/1904. VERY INTERESTING, HE TRAVELED TOGETHER WITH THE COVER OF THE FOLLOWING LOT.read more
€ 150€ 150
Bahrain, incoming cover franked back side with India ½ anna Victoria stamp, sent from MUSCAT ...n 1/March/1904 to BAHRAIN. Arrival in Bharain on 5/March/1904. VERY INTERESTING, HE TRAVELED TOGETHER WITH THE COVER OF THE PREVIOUS LOT.read more
€ 100€ 100
Bahrain, incoming cover franked with Ceylon 5 cents Edward VII stamp, sent from PEARL FISHERY on 18/...ebruary/1905 to BAHRAIN. Back side the transit of Colombo and Tuticorin and the arrival in Bharain on 4/March/1905. Pearl Fishery was based in the north province of Marichchukkaddi in a seasonal camp. In 1905 4090 arab from Persian Gulf they worked like pearl divers. RARE HISTORICAL WITNESS OF PEARLS TRADE.read more
€ 200€ 220
Bahrain, incoming cover under-franked with India ½ anna Edward VII stamp, sent from MUSCAT on...20/February/1905 to BAHRAIN. In arrival on 28/February/1905 was applied the horseshoe seal of ONE ANNA for taxed cover to pay deficiency of doubled postage. RARE.read more
€ 200Unsold
Bahrain, incoming cover franked with India ½ anna Edward VII stamp, sent from MUSCAT on 19/Ma...ch/1906 to BAHRAIN. Arrived in Bahrain on 24/March/1906. Letter inside dated 23 Muharram 1324. SCARCE.read more
€ 100€ 100
Bahrain, incoming cover franked for 12ch by pair of 6ch Ahmad Shah, originally written in Achar (Bas...a), Iraq, due to the war it was sent from the Persian post office of Mohammerah on 19/January/1915. The next day he was sent to the English office of the same locality that applied the oval seal "OFFICIAL PAID MOHAMMERAH 20JAN15". Arrived in Bahrain on 24/January/1915. RARE.read more
€ 250€ 430
Bahrain, incoming cover (no letter inside) sent from UQAIR (SAUDI ARABIA) to Bahrain on 20 rajab 133... (3/June/1915). Uqair is a sea locality of the Al Ahsa region right in front of the island of Bahrain. RARE.read more
€ 700€ 980
Bahrain, incoming cover franked with India ½ anna George V stamp overprinted "I.E.F.", sent f...om BUSRA on 16/August/1915 to BAHRAIN via British office of Mohammerah on 17/August, arrived in Bahrain on 20/August/1915. SCARCE AND INTERESTING CIVILIAN USE.read more
€ 150€ 170
Bahrain, incoming cover franked with India ½ anna George V stamp, sent from "BASE OFFICE D - ....E.F. 15 APR 17" based in Basra to BAHRAIN where arrived on 22/MY/1917. SCARCE AND INTERESTING CIVILIAN USE.read more
€ 400€ 400
Bahrain, censored Indian stationery small cover of ½ anna George V, sent from BAHRAIN on 18/S...ptember/1917 to Muscat via Bushire, arrived on 26/September/1917. NICE AND SCARCE.read more
€ 200€ 240
Bahrain, group of three covers. The first one, incoming on 24/2/1917 from unknown location due the c...nsor paper seal applied. The second and the third respectively from Bahrain to Bombay on 26/5/1919 and from Bahrain to Muscat on 22/4/1926. NICE GROUP.read more
€ 120Unsold
Egypt British Office, group of two enveloppes and one front, sent from the British Post Office of Al...xandria respectively on 15/12/1868, 9/1/1869 and on 18/7/1876. All franked with England stamps. INTERESTING.read more
€ 250Unsold
Egypt French Office, very nice cover with golden edges sent from Alexandrie to Firenze via Livorno, ...taly on 5/8/1862 franked with 80ct cancelled with small diamond dots 3704. VERY NICE. read more
€ 200Unsold
Egypt, maritime disaster mail cover, sent from Alexandria on 19/3/1918 to Italy. The SS Kingstonian ...as torpedoed on 11/4/1918 by German submarine U-68 and damaged in Carloforte harbour (Sardinya). The mails were recovered. Linear "DAMAGED BY IMMERSION IN SEA WATER" applied. SCARCE COVER. read more
€ 50Unsold
Egypt, exceptionally routing for this post card (less of 5 words written) with postage at the double...of printed matter rate, sent via Overland desert mail Haifa-Beyruth-Baghdad from Port Said on 24/6/1930. EXCEPTIONAL OVERLAND MAIL FROM EGYPT.read more
€ 400€ 440
Egypt, two covers respectively sent after the Suez crisis, from Cairo on 27/11/1956 and 2/1/1957 wit... the emblematic seal "SUEZ CANAL IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF EGYPT". The first cover sent to US, the second to Somalia (arrive cancel applied). NICE AND SCARCE.read more
€ 30Unsold
Egypt, small copybook with Libyan and Egyptian stamps, 12 pages. The majority are Egyptian stamps, t... be examined carefully. NICE.read more
€ 120Unsold
Iran Persia, censured cover sent from Hamadan on 10/6/1916 to Teheran. Franked for 6ch, received the...bilingual censor seal in Russian and Farsi. SCARCE.read more
€ 50€ 50
Iran Persia, censured cover sent from Senneh on 12/6/1916 to Hamadan. Franked for 6ch received the ...ilingual censor seal in Russian and Farsi. M. Sadri photo-expertise. RARE THE RUSSIAN CENSOR USED FROM SENNEH. read more
€ 190Unsold
Iran Persia, censured printed matter rate cover sent from Meched on 8/7/1916 to USA via S. Petersbur... (12/7/1916), Russia. In Baku applied the Russian censor seal n 31. NICE AND SCARCE.read more
€ 100Unsold
Iran Persia, censured cover to Isfahan via kum sent from Sultanabad on 25/11/1916 (error in the mont... "IX" instead of "XI"). Arrived on 10/12/1916 in Isfahan, was censored by the seal on dull black. RARE.read more
€ 200Unsold
Iran Persia, censured cover sent from Sultanabad on 26/10/1916 to Isfahan via kum. Isfahan censor se...l on deep dull violet applied on the sealing strip. RARE.read more
€ 200Unsold
Iran Persia, group of three censured covers sent on 1916/1917. All with the Isfahan censor seal on d...rk blue. GOOD GROUP.read more
€ 100€ 100
Iran Persia, censored Registered cover sent from Teheran on 21/6/1919. Apparently addressed to Tabri... (arrive cancel affixed on 8/6/1919) the envelope resulting franked with rate for registered letter sent abroad. Open by censor was resealed by bilingual paper seal printed "opened by censor" and apposed the "DUSTERFORCE CENSOR POSTS 101" seal in black. Resulting a very late use for this censor seal. RARE.read more
€ 100Unsold
Iran Persia, incoming cover from Lancaster 16/5/1920, England, addressed to the Imperial Bank of Per...ia in Kazvin, arrived in Recht, where opened and resealed by paper tape with the "Jangali" Bolshevik rebels handstamp reading in Farsi "Post-e Dowlat-e jomhoori-e Shoravi-e Iran" (Soviet Republic of Iran Post). Afterwards routed to Teheran, in Kazvin transit on 20/8/1920 was censored with round Gouvernament seal and the rebels censor handstamps covered by black ink (Efterkhar JO1). M. Sadri photo-expertise. GREAT RARITY. read more
€ 3,000Unsold

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