Cedarstamps Auction 22
Auction 22
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Document Palestine. Folder prepared by the Ministry of the British Colonies, for the XII Universal Postal Congress of Paris in 1947. Inside contains a sheet printed with the compliments of Arthur Creech Jones and sixteen stamps of Palestine. There are a limited number of folders prepared for the representatives of other countries participating in the Congress, certainly less than a hundred becau...se many countries were still under colonial rule. VERY RARE.read more
€ 500€ 500
Palestine. Registered cover sent from Amman, franked front-back with stamps of Jordan and three Palestinian Popular Liberation Front stamps of 5 fils each, all cancelled by the amman cds on 14/6/1969. RARE PLFP STAMPS USED ON COVER.
€ 300Unsold
Document Palestine. 1937 receipt printed front-back of the lease to the highest bidder of a land located in Akko (Acre) on behalf of Waef "Ahmad Bacha Jazar". Paid the receive rights by three stamps "Help for the Islamic Orphanage in Jerusalem" (one 5 red and two 10 mils green). NICE AND SCARCE PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC REVENUES STAMPS.
€ 100Unsold
Document Palestine. 1943 Receipt of the cost of travel from Akko (Acre), to Haifa by an inspector of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Law. Paid the receive rights by twenty-four stamps of 5 mils pink "Help to restore the Islamic Orphanage of Sacrifice" for a total of 120 mils. NICE AND SCARCE BLOCKS OF PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC REVENUES STAMPS.
€ 120Unsold
Qatar. Eighth air mail rate cover sent from "DOHA 3" on 6/No/1968 to London, England (each air rate 60 dirham). Of an approximate weight between 71 and 80 grams, the cover was right franked for 4 Riyals and 80 dirham also with a rare horizontal pair of 2Riyals/2Rupees overprint stamp. A VERY RARE HIGH FRANKED COMMERCIAL COVER OF QATAR.
€ 500Unsold
Qatar, air mail cover sent from Doha #3 on 5/3/1969 to England. Largest multiple stamp use, maybe the largest recorded. RARE.
€ 300Unsold
*/¢ Saudi Arabia. Six Hedjiaz revenue stamps overprinted. Von Uexkull cat. N 11, 19, 20, 21, 24 and 25. SCARCE.
€ 150Unsold
* Saudi Arabia. Hedjaz revenue stamp overprint 20paras. (Von Uexkull cat. N 18). SCARCE QUALITY.
€ 80Unsold
Saudi Arabia. Cover written by Mr J. H. Banett of SAUDI ARABIAN MINING SYNDACATE LIMITED (Mahd adh Dhahab) and sent from Djeddah on 21/1/1939 to USA. NICE AND SCARCE GOLD SAUDI MINING.
€ 50Unsold
Saudi Arabia. Air Mail cover sent from Dhahran on October 1950 to Denmark transported exceptionally by GULF AVIATION from Dhahran to Bahrain to be transhipped on the BOAC flight, directed to Europe. Attested by the routing black seal "VIA BAHRAIN". VERY RARE, ONLY THREE COVERS RECORDED WITH THIS SEAL.
€ 400Unsold
Saudi Arabia. Registered air mail cover sent from Mecque on 1/5/1951 to Djakarta, Indonesia (back transit Djeddah 2/5/51 and arrive cds Djakarta 11/5/1951). Franked for 47 ½ Guerch and an Aid stamp of ⅛ Guerch. NICE AND SCARCE DESTINATION FOR THIS HIGH RATED COVER.
€ 150Unsold
Document Saudi Arabia. February 1953, folder prepared for the visit of the Lebanese President in Saudi Arabia. Cardboard covered in green goatskin (Morocchino verde), the left inner plate lined with white silk, right inner plate coated with finely laid paper horizzontally. Inner sheet of paper with frames and decorations printed in green, with four sets of commemorative stamps issued for the oc...casion and written praising the visit of president Camille Chamoun. The same sheet is covered with a transparent film and the two are held together by ridge binding of velvety green silk thread. In the top left corner of the silk plate it is attached a sticker ovoid with embossed written of Government Printing House in Makkah Al Mukarramah. Prestigious folder, issued in a few specimens, this belonged to lebanese Ambassador attended the presentation ceremony. EXTREMELY RARE, MAYBE UNIQUE ON THE MARKET.read more
€ 3,500Unsold
Somalia. Special air rate for Forces Mail cover sent from "MOGHADISHU R." on 12/12/1947 to Cape Town, Sout Africa. The EEF stamp of 2 penny was used only to pay the air mail fees, since the letter was enjoying free of postage, attested by the oval seal with the date of the 5th Battalion of "The King's African Rifles". NICE AND SCARCE RATE.
€ 90Unsold
Somalia. Incoming air cover, originally shipped from Hamilton, England on 16/12/1947, right franked 5p for air shipping to Italy. The cover arrived in Ferrara on 20/12/1947 (back cancel) was delivered to the recipient's family. Since he moved meanwhile in Somalia, a family member takes care to resend the letter to its destination SAIS (Societa Agricola Italo Somali) in Mogadishu. VERY RARE, PROBAB...LY UNIQUE KNOWN LETTER WITH 100 lire RESEND IN SOMALIA. read more
€ 250Unsold
Somalia. Domestic special air rate for Italian Military support of AFIS. Sent from a Corporal Major of the armored cars patrol based in Galcaio on 9/2/1956 a very small garrison. The cover was addressed to a Capt. of armoured squadron based in Mogadiscio (back cancel on 13/2/1956). Cover small trimmed at the top. SCARCE RATE AND CANCEL USED FROM A SMALL VILLAGE.
€ 120€ 120
Somalia. Air letter stationery of 60ct sent from CHISIMAIO on 15/4/1957 to Italy (Mogadiscio back transit on 17/4/57 and arrive cds on 22/4/57). Interesting letter from the wife of a senior Italian official about life in Somalia, the weekly airplane flight from Italy and letter rate for Somalia. INTERESTING.
€ 30€ 30
Somalia. Air letter stationery of 60ct sent from Mogadiscio on 18/4/1963 to Italy. Interesting letter inside. VERY NICE.
€ 25€ 25
Somalia. Censured air letter of 60 ct of Somalis, sent from Baidoa on 7/2/1966 to Egypt. Arrived in Heliopolis on 12/2/1966. SCARCE CANCEL OF ITALIAN AFIS ORIGIN.
€ 30€ 30
Somalia. Postcard circular in shape "A girl with Somalitas bananas" sent from Mogadiscio on 6/3/1974 to Rome, Italy. VERY NICE POSTCARD.
€ 40€ 40
Sudan. Egyptian stationery cover of 1 Piastre overprinted bilingual "SOUDAN" sent from Khartoum on 27/7/1905 to Italy. Back transit cancel and arrive on 5/8/1905. SCARCE LATE USE OF OVERPRINTED STATIONERY COVER.
€ 120Unsold
Sudan. Air mail cover sent from Khartoum on 6/10/1936 to Lebanon (9/10/1936) and forwarded to Edinburgh, Scotland. Back transit and arrive cancel. UNCOMMON.
€ 30€ 30
Sudan, air mail cover sent from Wau on 11/2/1943 via Juba (18/2/1943) and Khartoum, to Egypt. Purple circle censor "A". NICE.
€ 40€ 40
Syria Ottoman. 1873 Envelope sent from Damascus (C&W fig 31) to Beirut, franked for 1 Piaster by a two horizontal pair of 10 paras stamp belonging to two different issues, clearly detectable by the arabic words indicating the nominal value. One pair Rose-Lilac (Isfila, 1868 type III n 46) and the other Lilac (Isfila, 1873 type III n 81). RARE AND NICE.
€ 500Unsold
Syria Ottoman. 1873 envelop sent by Special Delivery from Damascus to Beirut. Franked for 2 ½ Piasters by 2 Piastres stamp (Isfila n 82) and 20 paras tax due (Isfila n 66), killed by square of "Sham" (C&W fig 31) combined with the small oval of special delivery service. SCARCE MIXED POSTAGE AND TAX STAMPS USED.
€ 350Unsold
Syria Ottoman. Cover for printed matter rate sent from Hama on May 1905 to Ruti, Switzerland (back cancel 21/5/1905). Right franked for 10 paras by two 5p stamps killed by the ONLY RECORDED CANCEL USED ON COVER "HAMA HAMIDIYE POSTA SHUBESI" (Cancel Isfila type 1 RRR*on used stamps). UNIQUE.
€ 2,000Unsold

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