Cedarstamps Auction 22
Auction 22
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Palestine. Ottoman office, cover with interesting letter sent from "NASRIE" (Nazareth) on 10/12/1886 to France. Franked with 1 Piastre, cancelled by double circle in blue (C&W fig. 77). Backside Beirut Ottoman transit cancel (13/12/1886) and Alexandria (16/12/1886). Traces of holes on the back corner. UNCOMMON.
€ 160Unsold
Palestine. Russian Office, commercial use of reply part 4k stationery card, sent from Jaffa on 17/3/1899 (corrispond to 29/3/1899 Gregorian calendar) to the French Postal Agent in Jerusalem, obviously without arrive cancel. Short notice about the confirmation of the failure to notify successful reception of a small packet sent to Jerusalem. EXCEPTIONAL MAIL SENT FROM JAFFA TO JERUSALEM, THE ONLY E...XAMPLE RECORDED.read more
€ 600Unsold
Palestine. Ottoman office, stationery card of 20p sent from SAFED on 19/8/1899 to Egypt. Cancelled by double circle in blue (C&W fig. 86). SCARCE.
€ 100Unsold
Palestine. Ottoman office, postcard of "Tiberias fishing-boat" sent from Nasre (Nazareth) on 6/9/1904 to France. NICE.
€ 130Unsold
Palestine. German office, written stationery card franked 20para sent from "TEMPLE - KOLONIE HAMIDIJE - WILHELMA - DEUTSCHE POST JAFFA" (oval cancel on the rare "bluish black" color) and "JAFFA DEUTSCHE POST 29/6/(19)08" single circle postmark. Addressed to Germany. Photo expertise Hollmann. RARE.
€ 500Unsold
Palestine. Italian office, postcard sent from Gerusalemme on 11/5/1913 to France with the new cancel used after the Italian-Turkish war on 1911/1912. Franked with a overprint stamp "Gerusalemme 10 Para 10". RARE.
€ 190€ 190
Palestine. German fieldpost, two post cards sent from Jerusalem to Germany through the Feldpost Mil. Miss. in Aleppo respectively on 23/7/1916 and 30/7/1916. Early use fieldpost courier between Jerusalem and Aleppo. Muentz photo-expertise. RARE.
€ 800Unsold
Palestine. Ottoman Office, censured postcard (Caiffa Syrie Couvent du Mont Carmel Ed. J. & B. Zahlan - Caiffa) sent from Caiffa #1 on 12/9/1918. Franked recto-verso for 30 paras. RARE, one of the last document recorded sent from Haifa under Ottoman administration before the Megiddo's battle.
€ 190Unsold
** Palestine. 1, 3 and 5 mills Narrow Setting, two complete set, 3 mills vertical pair and block of four. All in MNH immaculate state (SG catalog n 44/46 x 2, 45 vert. pair and block of 4). VERY NICE AND SCARCE GROUP.
€ 750Unsold
Document Palestine. Folder prepared by the Ministry of the British Colonies, for the XII Universal Postal Congress of Paris in 1947. Inside contains a sheet printed with the compliments of Arthur Creech Jones and sixteen stamps of Palestine. There are a limited number of folders prepared for the representatives of other countries participating in the Congress, certainly less than a hundred becau...se many countries were still under colonial rule. VERY RARE.read more
€ 500€ 500
Palestine. Registered cover sent from Amman, franked front-back with stamps of Jordan and three Palestinian Popular Liberation Front stamps of 5 fils each, all cancelled by the amman cds on 14/6/1969. RARE PLFP STAMPS USED ON COVER.
€ 300Unsold
Document Palestine. 1937 receipt printed front-back of the lease to the highest bidder of a land located in Akko (Acre) on behalf of Waef "Ahmad Bacha Jazar". Paid the receive rights by three stamps "Help for the Islamic Orphanage in Jerusalem" (one 5 red and two 10 mils green). NICE AND SCARCE PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC REVENUES STAMPS.
€ 100Unsold
Document Palestine. 1943 Receipt of the cost of travel from Akko (Acre), to Haifa by an inspector of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Law. Paid the receive rights by twenty-four stamps of 5 mils pink "Help to restore the Islamic Orphanage of Sacrifice" for a total of 120 mils. NICE AND SCARCE BLOCKS OF PALESTINIAN ISLAMIC REVENUES STAMPS.
€ 120Unsold