Cedarstamps Auction 22
Auction 22
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** Pakistan. 1947, indian stamps overprinted "PAKISTAN", complete issue in MNH condition (Mich. N 1/19 with two stamps of 2 Annas). SCARCE QUALITY.
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Pakistan. Lot of two Air Mail covers sent respectively from Karachi on 15/10/1957 and from Lahore on 3/12/1960 to Milano and Torino, in Italy. On both covers was used the 2 annas stamp "anniversary of independence", but in the Italian city, the postmaster consider the red stamp affixed on the second cover not in accordance with UPU Regulation and applied the taxation of 40 ITL, consequential the e...splication seal translatable into: "Invalid stamp for the international service. The indication of the value must be expressed in Arabic digits.". The postmaster's error is due to the excessive stylization of the digit 2 of right side, which was in fact expressed in old original Arabic number. VERY RARE EXAMPLE OF STAMP HELD INVALID IN THE INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT BY THE POSTAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE RECIPIENT.read more
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