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Levant Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt. Group of sixteen letters from the "Echelles française dans le Levant" addressed to the Boyer company based in Marseille. Namely: eight from Saida (dated 1717, 1718 and 1719), five from Tripoli in Syria (dated 1718 and 1719), one from Smyrna (dated 1717), one from Galata (dated 1719) and one from Alexandria (dated 1717). Since this is commercial mail address...ed to the co-owner of the boats, the letters were inserted directly into the mailboxes* without writing the recipient's address. These boxes were stored by the captains of the boats and delivered directly to Boyer. Each letter was translated in clear. The content refers to the kinds of products transported, the weight, price and occasionally events of general interest. A "snapshot" of important French resumption of trade with the Levant at the expense of Venice. VERY IMPORTANT AND RARE GROUP. See Collectionread more
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Levant Lebanon, Venetian mail written in "Berut" on "9 luyo 1512" and sent to "Hillustrissimo et generoso Jmarco Fanni & compagno Merlino Tripoli" (Illustrious and generous Jean Marc Fanni & Merlino Company Tripoli). Fascinating and rare letter of five hundred years old.
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Levant Syria. Letter sent from Jacob Ribero Henriquez & figli in Aleppo, dated 8/8 and 28/9/1738, to Nicolo Caragiani in Venezia. The commercial letter, written in Italian with Spanish assonances, arrived in Venezia on 26/2/1739 four months after. Charming and RARE VENETIAN LETTER letter sent to Europe.
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Levant Syria. Purchase receipt written in Alep on 29/3/1790 by Guerin & C. and sent in France as evidence by the disinfection slits. NICE AND RARE DOCUMENT.
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Levant Lebanon. Sardinian Consular mail, sent from Alexandria on 24/3/1837 to Beirut, under Muhammad Ali, Khedive of Egypt. In arrive at the "Quarantine" of Beirut, the letter was subjected to disinfection by two piercing vertical slits. Important witness of the operating Lazzaretto in Beirut, installed by Ibrahim Pasha in 1834, as the primary apparatus of sanitary prevention for the entire Syrian... coast. Even now, the area is called Quarantine. VERY RARE EARLY DISINFECTED MAIL WITH THE FOOTPRINT OF PIERCING BLADES USED IN THE LAZZARETTO OF BEIRUT.read more
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Levant Palestine. Letter written in Arabic on December 1843 from Acri to the Sardinian Consul in Alep. On the back handwritten in Italian "Arrivata con barca a Beirut il 3 di genaio 44". SCARCE MAIL.
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Levant Palestine. Letter well written in English sent from Jerusalem on 3 January 1846 via Malta and Southampton to London, where in arrive on 16 February was charged for 1Sh and 6p. They are present the two characteristics slits of disinfection applied in the Malta Lazzaretto. The letter travelled in the earliest activity period of French Paquebot line Alexandria-Beirut. On the back small circula...r seal with embossed "mouse that enters into a cage trap", a known Christian symbolism, derived from the Operas of Saint Augustine. VERY NICE AND SCARCE MAIL TRANSPORTED BY BRITISH STEAMER.read more
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Levant Lebanon. Delicious small letter closed by string and red wax, written in Arabic on 19 ???? 1850 in Amchit, near Djoubeil, and addressed to Deir El Qamar. CERTAINLY UNUSUAL AND RARE.
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Levant Lebanon. Letter sent from Beirut on 5 June 1851 via Alexandria and Malta to Florence, by the French steamer Alexandre. Arriving in Malta on 12 June, was transshipped on the steamer Mentor who served the French shipping line of the italian coast. Arriving in Lighorn on 16 June was charged for 21 Tuscany Lire and via the "Leopolda" railroad, transported to Florence the same day. UNUSUAL AND R...ARE letter, about the prices and the derivatives market of silk in Central and North Italy. read more
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Levant Syria via Lebanon. Cover with letter in English, written in Damascus on 20 October 1852 to Windsor, England. The cover via Beirut was forwarded to the British Post Office of Alexandria (Egypt) on 3/11/1852 and passing by Malta was disinfected by one vertical slit. Arrived in London on 14/11/1852, was charged for 1Sh and 5p and consigned the day after as evidenced by the Windsor's green canc...el. Only recently, due to the French archives*, we discovered the existence of an English postal service performed on the Syrian coast between the 1840s to the 1850s in addition to that already known of the late 1830s. *(Archives du MAE, Beyrouth, correspondance consulaire, 6 volumes, pages 318 à 320). INTERESTING AND RARE. read more
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Levant Syria. Italian letter written by the Sardinian pro-Consul in Damascus on 7 July 1858 to the Sardinian Consul in Alep. Handwritten on the front "By Cosular Sardinian Mail" and red "S". SCARCE OFFICIAL SARDINIAN CONSULAR MAIL BETWEEN DAMASCUS AND ALEP.
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Levant Syria. Incoming mail from Switzerland to Alexandrette, French office. Envelop from Winterthur sent on 12/4/1859 to Alexandrette via Basel/Marseille/Beirut. Wrongly taxed for one French Franc, the charge was correct to 90 cents. Arrived in Alexandrette on 3/5/1859 was forwarded by Belfonte to Mr. Marcopoli in Damascus. UNCOMMON letter from Switzerland.
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Levant Syria. Incoming unfranked letter sent from London on 21 March 1861 addressed to Aleppo via the forwarder Belfonte in Alexandretta (back oval seal). In arrive was applied the blue seal on two line "POSTE FRANCAISE D'ALEP". RARE FORWARDED LETTER.
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Levant Mesopotamia Overland mail. Letter sent by Overland mail from Mardin, Mesopotamia (now in Turkey) on 21 May 1864 via Halep to Alexandrette via French postal service and from Alexandrette on 10 June to Lyon via Marseille by French steamer. Arriving on 24 June was delivered to the Faith's President in Lyon. It was written by Father Nicolas de Barcelona, thanking for the credit's letters of 720...0 french francs received for start an installation of Cattolic mission in Mardin. Nice embossed back seal applied. VERY RARE.read more
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Levant Syria. Ottoman and French offices, part of envelop sent from the ottoman post office in Alep on 15/2/1872 to Marseille via the French post office of Alexandrette where was morefranked with a 80ct stamp "Napoleon" cancelled with a 5079 diamont dots on 16/2/1872. Transit in Smirne on 20/2/1872. Signed A. Diena. Damaged but RARE MIXED FRANKATUR ENVELOP.
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Levant, Palestine and Lebanon. Three cover with long letters sent respectively from Jerusalem on 2 April 1858, also from Jerusalem on 15 April and from Beirut on 27 April of the same year. The first was franked by the sender with a 10ct and a 40ct Empire Francaise stamps, killed by the diamond small digit "3768" used in Jaffa togheter the blue linear postmark "Jerusalem 2 Avril 18...58" and the black "PP" of Jaffa; transit of Alexandria on 4/April and arrive in Paris on 16/April 1858. The second, with the similar frankatur and postmarks, show the blue linear postmark "Jerusalem 15 Avril 1858" but transit from Jaffa the day after, attested by the CDS, on back several cancels of which Alexandria on 18/April and Paris on 29/April. Morover, which is THE UNIQUE COVER RECORDED with the "PP" and the "PD" marks applied in Jaffa. It should be remembered that the first use recorded of French stamps, applied on departing from Jerusalem together with the linear postmark, is the 3 February 1858 and that the first recorded date use of the Jerusalem Cross is the 29 October of the same year (1858). According to R. Livnat, the number of covers recorded with this combination are countable only with one hand fingers. The third cover was sent from Beirut on 27/April/1858 and show clearly the characteristic cancels used with two fine 10read more
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