Cedarstamps Auction 22
Auction 22
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Lebanon Russia office. Mixed frankatur on envelop from Aleppo to Beirut. Sent from the Ottoman post office of Aleppo on 12/3/1871, was franked for 60 paras by duloz stamps, killed by square "Alep", to pay the postal fees to Alexandrette. From there was charged to the Russian postal office of Alexandretta on 25/2/1871 (Julian calendar) and sent by R.O.P.i.T. to Beirut. In arrive the two Russian lev...ant stamps were killed by the truncated pyramid of dots number 783 of Beirut (fig. 69 Cedar cat.). Stamps with slight folds, but a letter of good appearance. VERY RARE ONLY FEW MIXED COVERS RECORDED.read more
€ 2,500Unsold
Lebanon Russia office. Letter sent from Beirut to Lattaquie on 6/3/1867, franked for 2 Piastres by ROPiT stamp, network horizontal without frame of vertical lines (Michel n 4 II). Unusual that although affixed cancel "BEIRUT PORT", the stamp was canceled with "Rus. Obshch. Par. I Tor./Latakiisk Agentstvo" blue double ring with eagle in the center. RARE COMBINATION CANCELS.
€ 1,200Unsold
Lebanon Russian office. Lot of two items. One stationery card of 4k, sent from Beirut on 2/5/1898 to England, with error of day 20 instead of 2 (Cedar cat. fig 73); one post card of Beirut sent on 1/4/1913 (Gregorian 14/4/1913) to Germany. Franked for 20paras by 5 and 15 paras Romanof stamps overprinted, either killed by cds. of Beirut (Cedar cat. fig 75). UNCOMMON LOT.
€ 130Unsold
Lebanon Russian office. Registered triple rate cover sent from Beirut on 10/6/1913 (23/6/1913 Gregorian calendar) to France via Alexandria (25/6/1913). Franked for 3½ Piastres. Cancel type H fig 75 Cedar cat.). RARE RATE.
€ 350Unsold
Lebanon Russia office. Written the previous day (note written in Arabic on the envelope) but shipped from Tripoli the 5 July 1868 this cover was addressed to Ibrahim Naccache in Alexandria. Franked by ROPIT 2Piastre blue and rose, with horizontal network and vertical lines shadow (Mich. No. 41), the stamp was killed with the "Триполи" cds (Tchil. fig 211) instead of the diamond do...ts, as recorded from 1869 by Cedar cat. at fig 82 (RR). Also the fact that the CDS of Alexandria reports the arrival date after only three days, suggests that in Beirut has been transshipped from the slow line to the Express line steamer. EXCEPTIONALLY RARE.read more
€ 4,000Unsold