Cedarstamps Auction 22
Auction 22
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Jordan, censured cover sent via Hejaz railway line, from "AMMAN (SALT)" on 27/8/1918 to Damascus where arrived on 30/8/1918 and delivered the day after. To date, this octagonal cancellation of Amman, was known only on a stamp on small piece and the circular Turkish censorship seal, result unrecorded (in the top of the violet seal is well readable "AMMAN"). Also, considering the period when the env...elope was mailed: a month before the defeat of Turkey, during the guerrilla timing that affected the Hejaz railway line, makes this envelope a RARITY OF FIRST MAGNITUDE.read more
€ 5,000€ 5,900
Jordan, Registered cover form bilingual, english and arabic, sent from Amman on 4/1/1952 (cancel repeated on the back) to Beit Mery, Lebanon, via Beirut. Rightly franked for 30mils and with 15mils for the obligatory tax, corresponding to half postage paid. On the back Beirut transit on 7/1/1952 and Beit Mery cancel apposed the day after. SCARCE JORDAN REGISTERED FORM.
€ 50€ 50
Jordan, air mail cover sent from the Royal Palace of Amman on 15/3/1962 to Mrs Olive Green, in England, representative of Caritas for the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. In the letter inside, the Chief of the Royal Cabinet, Sherif Hussein Bin Nassir expresses to Mrs Green, availability to do visit the Palestinian camps. On the back also the protocol seal of Royal Palace. RARE AND NICE, PALEST...INE INTEREST.read more
€ 100Unsold
Jordan, air mail cover sent from the Royal Palace of Amman on 4/10/1970 to England. Inside a card of radio-receipt, signed by King Hussein, known like big ham radio. VERY NICE.
€ 80Unsold