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Auction 20
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Lebanon, cover sent from Zahle (type OOM fig 4, Pt 8 on T.E.O. stamps) on 19/1/1920 to Chile (9/3/1920). SCARCE one of the very few covers recorded with this cancel on T.E.O. stamps.
€ 400€ 400
Lebanon, free Registered cover sent from Zghorta (type C fig 3, Pt 2) on 8/1/1952 to USA. COMMON.
€ 20Unsold
We are proud to present this document where the container is less important than the content. Lebanon O.L.P. cover with letter carried by O.L.P. private courier service, active between Damascus and Beirut and conversely. The letter, dated 26/3/1969, was sent from Damascus to Beirut by Yasser Arafat and addressed to the Lebanese Prime Minister Rachid Karame. B. Longo photo certificate. EXCEPTIONAL ...WITNESS OF LEBANESE HISTORY, FOR COLLECTOR OF PRIMATES. A Historical background. In January 1964, in the meeting of the Arab League in Cairo, it was decided, inter alia, the financing of the Palestinian cause. As a result the following May in Jerusalem was founded the O.L.P. (Palestine Liberation Organization). This organization was therefore the recipient of the moral burden and the responsibility for the Palestinian question. It was also the collector statutory funds financed by Arab countries, including Lebanon. After various vicissitudes in July 1968, Yasser Arafat, the founder of al-Fatha, took control of the O.L.P. and became its leader. The container. Cover dimensioned 24 cm X 10½ cm with preprinted O.L.P. logo, blue seal ""RECOMMANDÉ"" and protocol registration number 15668. The recipient address was erased resulting just the name written in Arabic of the destination city: Beirut. Anyway many clues make to supposed have been addressed to the headquarters of a poread more
€ 25,000€ 27,000
Lebanon, levant complete issue stamps and block 1 and 2 in perfect status MNH. VERY NICE.
€ 80Unsold
Lebanon, 1940, complete stamps set of ""épreuves de luxe"" from Y&T n. 167 to 175 (2.800 Euro). SCARCE AND ELUSIVE ON MARKET.
€ 500Unsold
Lebanon, 1937-1940, complete air stamps set of ""épreuves de luxe"" from Y&T n. 65 to 74 (2.800 Euro). SCARCE AND ELUSIVE ON MARKET.
€ 650Unsold
Lebanon, strip of six revunue for Lebanese Customs Service of travelers with back numbers, printed by Saikali. SCARCE.
€ 20Unsold
Libya, cover sent from the Italian office of Tripoli di Barberia on 19/3/1893 with mixed frankatur of two issue of 5ct stamp. NICE AND RARE.
€ 350Unsold
Libya, incoming double rate cover sent from the Austrian post office of Constantinople on 18/5/1912 to Bengasi. Arrive cancel of the Italian post office in 26/5/1912. UNCOMMON.
€ 60Unsold
Libya, post card sent under Italian occ. period from the Arab military education camp. From tripoli on 12/4/1916 to Tunisia. RARE SEAL OF ""EDUCATORIO MILITARE ARABO DELLA MENSCIA"".
€ 40Unsold
Libya Italian Colony, cover to Italy, free rate applied for shipping from colonial hospital VITTORIO EMANUELE III, with the rare cancel ""Tripoli Corrispondenze Militari 21/8/1934"". NICE AND SCARCE.
€ 40Unsold
Libya Italian Colony, Register AR cover sent from Tripoli on 16/9/1942. Town rate franked (one stamp with small holes), this is one of the last cover sent before the British occupation. UNCOMMON, LATE DATE.
€ 30Unsold
Libya Italan Colony, militar air mail cover 10/11/1942 to Bologna. Good use of commemorative stamps from militar Postal Office n° 210 based in Libya during El Alamein battle. UNCOMMON USE.
€ 40Unsold
Libya, airmail cover sent from Tripoli on 18/5/1954 by UN Mission in Libya to Montreal, Canada. Franked for 70 mill by the rare stamps oveprinted ""Official"". RARE USED STAMPS ON COVER.
€ 200Unsold
Libya, airmail cover with Maltese and Libyan stamps by Italian ship post cancel ""Tirrenia M.ve Citta di Livorno"" on 27/6/1963. The cover was sent to Germany. UNCOMMON MIXED STAMPS ON COVER.
€ 30Unsold
141 OMAN
Oman, one front and one cover with the complete issue overprinted ""Al-Busaid"", ordinary and service stamps. Cancelled the first by ""MUSCAT 23 DEC. 44"" and the second ""MUSCAT 31 DEC. 44"". EXTREMELY RARE ON COVER WITH GENUINE CANCEL.
€ 600€ 600
142 OMAN
Oman, two air mail covers sent from Muscat to Beirut, one on 5/5/1969 franked 25b and the other on 16/6/1969 franked 28b. UNCOMMON.
€ 30€ 65
143 OMAN
Oman, Registered airmail cover with a complete set of the first definitives stamps for Dhufar (the 25 besa on the back cover), issued on 15/4/1972, tied by blue ""Dhufar Post 15/4/72"" cancel and back-stamped ""DAMAS 2 RECOMMANDE 9.6.72"". Only this stamps exist used on cover and mailed via Damascus. This was the last date on which covers with any Oman Imamate state stamps were accepted by the Syr...ian Postal Authorities. VERY RARE.read more
€ 600Unsold
144 OMAN
Oman, Register air mail cover sent from Nizwa on 5/2/1975 to France, franked for 175b. UNCOMMON.
€ 30€ 40
145 OMAN
Oman, air mail cover sent from Buraimi on 5/2/1976 to France, franked for 1¾ Rial with mixed stamps used. RARE THE 1 RIAL OVERPRINTED ON COMMERCIAL COVER.
€ 500Unsold
146 OMAN
Oman, 1975/1984 group of five air mail covers sent to USA, India and Pakistan. NICE.
€ 25€ 30
147 OMAN
Oman, 1990s group of thirteen commercial air mail covers (one Registered) and one post card, franked all with costume stamps. NICE.
€ 70Unsold
148 OMAN
Oman, 1990s group of six commercial air mail covers (two Registered), most franked with vessels stamps. NICE.
€ 30Unsold
149 OMAN
Oman, eight progressive proof on vertical bridge ""Third Municipalities Month"" stamp. INTERESTING.
€ 120€ 120
Palestine, 1918/1947 prestigious complete collection of Palestine stamps mounted on eighty-six cardboard and ready to participate in an exhibition. Very nice quality and large quantity of stamps dedicated to the first typographed issue. GREAT BARGAIN.Check Collection
€ 18,000€ 18,000

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