Mail in the Levant BEIRUT a case study in the early age of steamship & globalization (1835/1914)
    Cedarstamps publisher

    The book examines Beirut, as a case study during Ottoman times when the emerging technologies of steam shipping and the modern postal system accelerated the flow of trade, knowledge, and travels. It focuses on histories such as emigration, tourism, missionaries, and early philatelic collectors, using covers, letters, postcards, illustrations, photographs, and archival materials.

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    The Lebanese Postmarks 1918 - 1945
    Cedar edition 2014 Beirut

    Fourteen years of research to catalog the post offices open and operating on the Lebanese territory from 1918 to 1945. An enormous work also supported by other collectors with an extensive study and classification of the postmarks on stamps used in the period. Contains all the reproduction of the cancellations of their evaluations. An indispensable work for every collector of Lebanese philately.

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    French Postal History in Tripoli (1852 - 1914)
    Archaeology & History in the Lebanon 2013 Beirut

    The author, in this second work explores the socio-economic aspects of the community of Tripoli and its region through the historical postal research which serves as a backdrop to describe its moods.

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    The Foreign Post Office cancels in Lebanon 1845 – 1914
    Cedar edition 2010 Beirut

    An illustrated catalog that aims to be the unavoidable reference for all collectors interested in learning more about the Austrian, British, French, Egyptian, Russian, German, post offices operating in Lebanon from the mid-nineteeth century to the beginning of the first world war. Contains all the reproductions of the cancellations used in post offices with their evaluations.

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    Seventy Years of Postal History at the French Post
    Archaeology & History in the Lebanon 2009 Beirut

    In this enthusiastic first experience, the author analyses the philatelic and historical postal aspects of the French post office in Beirut with an eye also to the historical events of the time.

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